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Revista diaria de ocio, culturamas is an online cultural magazine that provides a variety of content related to different forms of arts, including literature, cinema, art, theatre, TV, comic, music, video games, and photography. The website’s homepage is updated regularly with the latest news, reviews, and features, making it a reliable source of information for people interested in the arts.

The homepage features a list of recent articles and reviews, including “Coraje de madre” by George Tabori, recreated by Helena Pimenta, which is an autofictional account of historical events. The page also highlights the work of J. R. R. Tolkien, with a feature on the author’s curious inspirations and behind-the-scenes stories. Pablo Malmierca’s book “Las estremecidas” is also reviewed, focusing on its captivating storyline.

The website features a section on novelas, where readers can find reviews of recent publications. “Las mujeres felices son una quimera” by Horacio Otheguy Riveira, is one of the highlighted novels, which takes place in Madrid and centers around a veteran and hardened police officer.

Culturamas also provides reviews and insights into theatre productions, with articles on “Mefisto for ever,” a play about artists in the midst of fascist oppression, and “Muelle oeste,” a theatrical performance that explores the marginal world of Bernard-Marie Koltés.

In addition to the cultural content, the website also offers a variety of courses, including an online Master of Creative Writing, making it a valuable resource for those interested in furthering their education in the arts.

Overall, Culturamas is a comprehensive online cultural magazine that offers a broad range of content on various forms of arts, making it an ideal resource for anyone looking to explore and appreciate the diverse world of culture.

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