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Painter’s blog is a top Indian art blog out of 15 art blogs around the world, awarded two times from the international platform. It has several unique contents published for the first time resulting in the close attention of art enthusiasts, scholars, and art lovers.

The author of this blog is a multi-award winning, gold medalist Indian artist Amar Singha who also authored several popular books published on Amazon.  His research on Indian ancient art, sculpture, music, and dance, creates a new horizon of Indian art history.

Amar Singha is a painter from North Bengal who was raised in a baronial family. He was exposed to creativity at a young age and used colored pencils, crayons, and drawing sheets as solace from the loneliness that came with his family’s culture. As he grew older, he attended the Academy of Creative Art in Kolkata and after his father passed away during his final year, he went on a spiritual journey for 16 years, translating his experiences through art in his home studio in Raghunathganj. He describes his work as a conversation between ancestral Indian lineages and synthetic cubists, using light and shadow, and movement to create pieces that offer a glimpse into freedom and a sense of union with all things. He invites visitors to his website to view his gallery and award-winning art blog, and welcomes any feedback or interactions.


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