Lifestyle Updated Claimed


What is Fitness Updated?

It’s the single most important project that my friend and I have ever completed. A huge operation that took most of our life savings, as well as more than one year of our time. It’s something we are especially proud of.

Remember how we use Lifestyle Updated to write about things that we love? Well, it led us into writing reviews about fitness programs such as Insanity Max 30, Cize and many others that we’ve tried. We reviewed popular on-demand platforms like Daily Burn and Beachbody on Demand and those massively successful products gave as a couple of ideas. Popular as they are, they are still not perfect – many features can be improved upon, many functionalities refined. And finally, after years of learning, we have the skills necessary to make a change.

Where To Next?

I will be sharing more articles on lifestyle design, healthy living, weight loss… I’ll poke some interesting topics, cover entrepreneurship as well, map our journey with Fitness Updated and share all the challenges that await me both professionally and personally. There is never a shortage of topics to explore and write about in depth, and we plan to make of Lifestyle Updated a much more credible platform.

Additional Details

  • $150
  • $120
  • 5k-25k
  • 21-40