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My name is Eileen, mother of two children aged 15 and 13 with visual impairment. We’ve been online since 2012 and continue to grow. I love to cook, craft, DIY, write about Chinese Culture and YouTube reviews.
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ET Speaks From Home is a lifestyle blog that covers a range of topics, including Chinese culture, cuisine, festivals, craft, family life, and technology. With a focus on providing valuable information and resources to its readers, ET Speaks From Home’s founder, Eileen, has been online since 2012. With her passion for cooking, crafting, DIY, and writing about Chinese culture, Eileen shares her experiences and knowledge with her readers through her blog. She also provides YouTube reviews and collaborates with other bloggers to offer a comprehensive range of lifestyle content.

One of the unique features of the blog is its emphasis on Chinese culture and festivals. ET Speaks From Home provides detailed information on traditional Chinese celebrations, such as the Hungry Ghost Festival and the Winter Solstice Festival, along with craft ideas and recipes for Chinese New Year. The blog also covers Chinese weddings, graves, and other cultural practices that may be unfamiliar to Western audiences.

Apart from Chinese culture, the blog also covers a wide range of other topics, including food and drink, technology and gadgets, beauty and health, travel, and more. With reviews of products and services, recipes, DIY ideas, and travel experiences, ET Speaks From Home provides valuable insights and inspiration for its readers.

Overall, ET Speaks From Home is an excellent resource for those interested in lifestyle inspiration. With its extensive range of content and valuable insights, the blog is a must-read for anyone seeking to enrich their knowledge and experiences. Visit the website at and find more lifestyle content in the Authentic Bloggers directory under the lifestyle category.

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