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TechnoBugg is a leading website and offers updates about the latest technology.

Founded by Akhil Joseph in 2012, TechnoBugg is a leading source for technology trends, information, and news in India. Our philosophy is to provide a knowledge-based environment that helps the average person make informed and smart decisions about the technology that impacts their daily lives.

At TechnoBugg, we are completely independent from manufacturers, developers, and service providers. This allows us to have a strong relationship with our audience by providing unbiased and honest perspectives on the latest technology. We strive to answer important questions about social networking, software, reviews, gadgets, tips and tricks, and current tech news, so that our readers can stay informed.

Our goal at TechnoBugg is to offer something for everyone. We welcome reader feedback and encourage dialogue in the comments section found below every article. With a community of over a thousand friends and followers on various social media platforms, we hope to continue providing valuable insights and information on technology.

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