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On Authenticbloggers.com you can be rewarded for your collaboration!

On Authenticbloggers youget rewarded for your collaboration. Being a user of authenticbloggers, you are invited to participate in many activities and you are being rewarded for this. 

Below are the activities and the points.

– Register on the forum – 10 points

– Post question on the forum,  1 point

– Answer questions with quality content, 5 points per approved comments

– Share your posts in your social media channels or with your friends  – 10 points

– Refer the forum to other freelancers, networkers, brands, bloggers and influencers –  10 points

When a new user registered to our forum from your refferal link, you get 100 points

– Publish unique content of at least 800 words to answer a question – 20 points

Viewing fully a video – 5 points

When you reach 1000 points, you get $10



Do not Spam! Do not add affiliate links in the forum or any dangerous link whatsoever. You will be banned from the forum. We ‘ve got ferocious community managers and filters to make sure our forum will stay clean and full of quality contents.

Do not use bots! It will be detected from our antispam system and your account will be deleted and your points confiscated.