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What is is a platform from Digital Global Marketing Ltd that offers a comprehensive blogger directory for bloggers and marketers. The website provides a platform for finding bloggers based on their niche categories, DA (Domain Authority), and traffic. With over ten years of experience, has been outreaching to bloggers through Google search, blogger groups, and directories to provide a platform that thousands can use to find bloggers by traffic and SEO metrics.


Why Add Your Blog on

  1. More Visibility and Reach

Adding your blog to can give you more visibility and reach to potential readers, subscribers, and partners. allows you to promote your blog to a broader audience and helps you to get more exposure, which can lead to increased engagement and growth.

  1. Increased Traffic

By listing your blog on, you can increase your blog’s traffic. offers a comprehensive directory of bloggers based on their niche categories, DA (Domain Authority), and traffic. This means that your blog will be exposed to a wider audience, including marketers and brands, who are searching for blogs to partner with and promote their products or services.


  1. Higher Domain Authority

One of the biggest advantages of adding your blog to is that it can improve your blog’s domain authority. is a trusted platform that has a high domain authority, which means that links from this website can positively impact your blog’s domain authority. This can lead to higher rankings in search engines and increased visibility for your blog.


  1. Free and Easy

Adding your blog to is free, and the process is straightforward. You do not need to subscribe to any plan on the website, and you will have the possibility to see your listing in your blogger portal and eventually edit when you need. is a platform that is designed to help bloggers succeed, and the website provides all the tools and features you need to promote your blog and grow your audience.


How to Add Your Blog to

To add your blog to, follow these simple steps:


  • Go to and click on “Add Your Blog” in the top menu.


  • Fill in your blog’s details, including the name of your blog, your blog’s URL, your niche category, your blog’s description, and your contact information.


  • Add your blog’s main topic


  • Add your country


  • Add the SEO metrics of your blog


  • Add the different fees you charge for guest posting, link insertion or sponsored articles


  • Submit your blog’s details for review by


  • Once approved, your blog will be listed on the directory page, and you can start reaping the benefits of increased visibility, traffic, and engagement.


In conclusion

In conclusion, adding your blog to is a smart move for bloggers who want to increase their reach, visibility, and engagement.

With its comprehensive blogger directory and high domain authority, is a trusted platform that can help you to achieve your blogging goals.

Best of all, adding your blog to is a quick and easy process that can bring long-lasting benefits. You don’t need to subscribe to any plan and you’ll have full control over your listing, with the ability to edit it whenever you want.

So, if you want to get more exposure, attract more traffic, and build valuable connections with other bloggers, make sure to add your blog to

It’s a great way to give your blog the boost it needs and join a community of like-minded bloggers who are passionate about their craft. Don’t wait any longer, add your blog today and take the first step towards blogging success!


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AuthenticBloggers Team