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Alquibla es una web de difusión cultural en la que se publican artículos relacionados con las bibliotecas, cultura, escritores, museos, etc.

AlquiblaWeb is a cultural diffusion website that focuses on the world of libraries, literature, and museums. The website offers a variety of content, including literary reviews, interviews with writers, information on libraries and archives, and virtual museum tours. The website also has an online bookstore that features new releases and bestsellers.

The website showcases the winners of various literary awards such as the Nadal, Cervantes, and Planeta awards. It also announces upcoming literary awards such as the Azorín, Primavera, and Alfaguara prizes. The website provides readers with a glimpse of the world of literature and highlights the works of new and established authors.

The website’s blog section features literary reviews of various genres and styles, including contemporary and classic literature, fantasy, and non-fiction. The blog section also features interviews with writers, giving readers insights into the creative process and their work.

The website’s virtual museum tours allow visitors to explore various museums and learn about their history, collections, and exhibitions. The museums featured on the website include the Museo Sierra Pambley in León, the Museo del Carlismo in Navarra, the Museo Histórico Municipal de Priego de Córdoba, the Museo Histórico Militar de Valencia, and the Museo de Arte de Sabadell.

The website’s online bookstore offers readers a wide range of books, including fiction and non-fiction, new releases, and bestsellers. The website also has a section dedicated to promoting books by new and emerging writers.

The website’s founder, Eva María Galán Sempere, is a librarian and historian who has a passion for literature and culture. She obtained her degree in History from the University of Alicante in 2003.

In conclusion, AlquiblaWeb is a cultural diffusion website that offers a variety of content related to literature, libraries, and museums. The website provides readers with literary reviews, interviews with writers, virtual museum tours, and an online bookstore. It is a great resource for anyone interested in literature and culture.

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